Dental Accident

Dental malpractice may occur when a dental health care provider such as dentist, orthodontist, periodontist or endodontic fail to treat oral health correctly or diagnose or treat oral health problem contrary to the standard of accepted dental procedure and practice resulting in serious injury, discomfort, pain or even wrongful death.

You trust your dental professional and unquestioningly place your oral health in their hands. From routine check up to dealing with painful conditions you rely on him. When your trust is anyway betrayed you become frustrated and disappointed. In this gloomy condition do not get hopeless. We can show you your options. If your dental professional‘s laxity or incorrect judgment has exposed your health or well being to danger, we can show you your option.

There are number of options to help you achieve the perfect smile. Veneering, crowning, and filling, in lay and out lay restoration, implantation for the lost teeth. We have efficient medical specialists to guide you to receive the proper dental care after your dental injury. If you are victim of the dental injury there are number of feasible solutions to give back your smile

If you have been injured and wondered if you have any claim in regard to dental accident call 416-977-9637.